ART Lost Shows

BOBBY BENSON AND THE B BAR BEE RIDERS-RESCUE OF CACTUS MAGGIE. The script was from Ivan Cury's collection of performed scripts. Recreation. B Bar Bee's lease on a piece of property is up for renewal but there are two people who don't want Cactus Maggie to sign the contract. Can Bobby and the gang get to Maggie before she's forced to sign? (Ivan Cury, Dave Parker) 36: 09 minutes. (2005)

THE CASE OF THE EVIL ANGEL: Attending the theater on Broadway isn't supposed to be murder. But Roger and Twila Boone discovered otherwise. Directed by actor/producer Jimmy Lydon and featuring old-time-radio actor Jeff David, this play was originally broadcast on Silver Theater. 32:38 minutes (2006)

CHARTER FLIGHT - How difficult can it be to pick up two parrots in Hong Kong? Tony and Dietz think it's a piece of cake until they find their contact murdered and the parrots gone. Can they get them back? Fly with ART in Charter Flight. 36:50 minutes (2010)

CHUCKWAGON TALES: Chuckwagon Tales was a radio show from San Francisco in the 1950s. GHOST TOWN. Stranded in the desert when his horse breaks a leg, the ghost town seemed like salvation. But there's always a catch. 14:26 minutes (2008)

ESCAPE-ONE EIGHTH APACHE -"You shot my brother down in cold blood. I'm one-eighth Apache, and I figure I'm gonna take care of you Apache fashion." (Cliff Carpenter) A re-creation by ART. 29:38 minutes (2005)

FBI IN PEACE AND WAR-THREE TIME LOSER. Will Stella succeed in getting her framed husband free of a murder rap? 42:50 minutes (2005)

HASHKNIFE HARTLEY & SLEEPY STEVENS: WC Tuttle wrote a number of very popular stories about a cowboy detective in the west and his sidekick. Hashknife Hartley had two urges-the desire to see what was on the other side of the next hill and an obsession to straighten any mystery he came across. During 1950-51, they rode the range on the Mutual Broadcast System. Sadly, only two broadcast recordings exist. Using one of the original scripts ART brings this duo back to life.
HANGING AT WILLOW ROCK. Hashknife and Sleepy get pulled into a posse on the way to hang two people: Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens. The boys have to investigate. 27:46 minutes (2006)

HOMICIDE O'KANE - Benny the Shiv is stalking Detective O'Kane. Where will the knife strike? (starring Ruth Last) 28:46 minutes (2007)

I LOVE A MYSTERY: TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES episode 13 & 14 (2 of the 6 missing episodes)-from the original scripts, 1950. Jack, Doc and Reggie, along with Hermie the orphan and Sunny are trapped in the Temple of Vampires in South America. And it's the middle of the night. Total: 29:30 minutes 15:47 minutes (#13), 16:37 minutes (#14) (2004)

I LOVE A MYSTERY: TROPICS DON'T CALL IT MURDER EPISODE 2: Doc and Reggie have been thrown into the hoosegow in South America. Is Jack going to be able to spring them? And what about Patricia, the little girl in the next cell?. 27:33 minutes (2005)

IN THE BAG: Las Vegas - can real estate deals and romance mingle in the sin city of the USA? 40:23 minutes (2007)

LAUGHING MAN - Arch Oboler's satire. A surprise discovery of a book from a prior time amazes a Futurian with its content. 8:17 minutes (2005)

LEAVE IT TO BILL (a.k.a. THE BILL GOODWIN SHOW) New Year's Eve - Bill has to have a date for the evening. But is Bill really jealous of Gilbert? 26:00 minutes (2007)

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW - A recreation of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by ART, from an old-time radio script. Ichabod Crane pursues his love for Katrina. 30:01 minutes (2007)

Mr. PIP - Arch Oboler's play about an old man encountering a young boy. 12:36 minutes (2005)

O'HARA - Set in Hong Kong. A friend of O'Hara's is missing, as well as the cargo of gold he was flying. Where is it? 27:29 minutes (2007)

PURSUIT: PURSUIT IN PETTICOAT LANE: A criminal strikes and fades quickly back into the shadows of his own dark world...and then the man from Scotland Yard, the famous Inspector Peter Black, and the dangerous, relentless pursuit...when man hunts man. 26:52 minutes (2009)

SAM SPADE: The CAPER OF THE EIGHT DIAMONDS. The Adventures of Sam Spade; using an original script, from 1950, ART brings Sam Spade back to life. Sam is called in to find the eight missing diamonds. Trouble only begins after he locates the stones. 34:14 minutes. (2008)

SAM SPADE: THE BLOOD MONEY CAPER. Sam is asked to check up on Red O'Leary, who has been seeing Ann Newhall. But it quickly degenerates into the Battle of Montgomery Street. 34:14 minutes (2009)

STEVE DAWSON SPECIAL AGENT - Operation Shanghai - Steve and Mike were supposed to contact Wang Toy in Shanghai. Will creeping out on a pier in the fog help? 15:31 minutes (2007)

THE WHISTLER: THE NECKLACE WAS INCIDENTAL: The best of plans go astray when the fog rolls in. 30:39 minutes (2006)

THE WHISTLER: NIGHT MELODY Marshall's plan to kill his wife and marry her sister starts out okay, but then things start to fray at the edges. 27:23 minutes (2008)

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