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Cliff Carpenter: March 2, 1915 -- Jan 9, 2014

The radio acting career of Cliff Carpenter spanned the 1930s and 1940s. He was the second to play the role of Terry on the Terry and the Pirates serial. He was also heard in the cast of The Aldrich Family, The Amazing Mr. Smith, County Seat, The Couple Next Door, The Ford Theatre, Just Plain Bill, Lighted Windows, My True Story, New World A'Coming, Prairie Folks, Suspense, We Love and Learn, We the Abbotts, Woman of Courage, Up For Parole, You Are There, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. On John Dickson Carr's radio program Cabin B-13, Carpenter gave a tour de force performance in "Sleep of Death" broadcast December 26, 1948. He can be heard in the widely-circulating recording of "Bad Medicine," of the X Minus One radio series, broadcast on July 10, 1956. Carpenter can also be heard on the "Murder in 2952" episode of The Mysterious Traveler, broadcast over the Mutual network April 29, 1952. From August 3, 1964 to July 30, 1965, he was a frequent actor on Theater Five.

For American Radio Theater, he was in Alonzo's Watch 2005, Mr Pip, The Laughing Man, The FBI in Peace and War (Three Times Loser), The Whistler (The Necklace was Incidental) and Sorry Wrong Number. Cliff was one of professional old-time-radio actors that shared their expertise, techniques and stories when American Radio Theater was just getting started in 2005. He shared his experiences with the Black List of the 1950s with us, along with those of Jean Rouverol Butler. He also shared stories from World War II, where he survived The Battle of the Bulge. We were delighted when Cliff and Jean fell in love at age 93. Some of us stayed with them at their place in upstate New York, which had at one time belonged to Edward R Murrow. He could always be found amidst the casts of the recreations that were done at the Friends of Old-Time-Radio, in Newark, NJ.
We will miss you, Cliff!

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An hour-long radio show, produced by Joy Jackson, featuring ART productions at the beginning of the hour, with old-time-radio music or shows to complete the hour. Each month four complete shows are composed and then sent to five internet radio stations. Listen to us at:

Who We Are

American Radio Theater (ART) is a non-profit (501c3) organization devoted to promoting the creative art and technical craft of audio theater.

Preserving the Past

We give lost stories from the days of Old Time Radio (OTR) a new voice, as many radio shows no longer have recordings.

ART's ongoing project to re-create lost episodes of The Great Gildersleeve can be found here.
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Promoting the Future

We write, and present new radio plays, using traditional radio production techniques as exemplified by radio networks in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

In an effort to remain close to the roots of OTR we frequently invite members of our extended family of Old Time Radio veterans to participate in our productions. These individuals bring with them skills, techniques, experiences and perspectives unique to this art form.

Through public education, participation, performance, and scholarship we strive to create a new tradition of audio theater while staying true to the roots of Radio Theater's past.

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